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A place to grow

The Studio

The Studio is transitioning to a more educational music studio, migrating to a different approach to music production and recording focusing in helping beginners songwriters into a more independent way to record and develop their work.
Located in the heart of Ireland, Birdland Music Studio was built with recycled materials, reused pallets, doors and windows and second hand furniture.



Looking to produce your song with skilled professionals? Our studio offers quality equipment and a dedicated team to bring your musical ideas to life. Let us help you create a track you’re proud of.


Explore songwriting and production online with experienced professionals. Discover creativity, song development, listening, arranging, and mixing techniques. Enhance your skills in interactive workshops. Let’s bring your musical ideas to life!


What are hybrid events? 
Hybrid events are a mix of virtual and in person events. The audience can participate and engage with the event, no matter where they are.






The quiet and peaceful environment of Birdland Music Studio, located on our homestead, is perfect for inspiration and creativity. Surrounded by nature, we produce from our garden, which helps nurture and develop the artistry in you. These natural features are fundamental for fostering a creative mentality and enhancing your musical journey.


Join our Residency Program at Birdland Music Studio for holistic support including reflexology, reiki, and meditation. Our tranquil environment nurtures creativity. Interested? Fill out the form for our Artist Program Residency.



Birdland Music Studio offers free 30-minute online meetings to help artists with their music business and digital marketing. We give simple advice to help artists improve their online presence and marketing strategies. These meetings have been really helpful for artists to succeed in the music industry.