Bianca Fachel

Bianca Fachel, a Brazilian artist based in Ireland, is a versatile force in music, film, and entrepreneurship. Pioneering the fusion of music with the regenerative economy, she focuses on original compositions, collaborations, and educational programs, solidifying her impact in the creative sphere.

Bianca Fachel has performed and won awards in compositions on stages in Porto Alegre, Ireland, and internationally, captivating audiences at renowned festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Sligo Jazz Festival, and Bray Jazz Festival.
Her original songs “Keep on Moving” and “The Way Back Home” were selected for inclusion in the Irish Featured Movie “Writing Home,” earning recognition at the 29th Galway Film Fleadh Cinema Festival.
Pursuing her passion for music, Bianca studied Sound Engineering and Music Festival Management at Sound Training College in Dublin and attended a songwriting course at Berklee College of Music.
Bianca’s musical compositions blend influences from Samba, Bossa Nova, MPB, Brazilian Soul Music, Tropicália, African rhythms, and Irish Traditional Music, resulting in a unique style.
In March 2021, Bianca became the first independent artist to produce and launch online shows featuring her original songs, receiving acclaim for “Land of Dreams – a journey to inspiration Vol. 1” and “Timeless River – A wrinkle in time Vol. 2.”
In 2022, Bianca ventured into event production with the environmentally conscious “Music in the Forest” Hybrid Music Festival and appeared on the Cúltír TV Programme, representing Roscommon.

Towards the end of 2022, Bianca received an Arts Council grant to collaborate with women from diverse backgrounds on the “Bean Feasa” project, recording and producing 10 songs at her Birdland Music Studio. 

In March 2024 Bianca collaborative project is selected to be funded by Coimisiún na Meán to produce and record a radio documentary. 

In May 2024, Bianca received the Runners Up for Digital Sustainability Award from .ie Digital Towns for producing and hosting  the low environmental impact Music in The Forest Hybrid Festival in Knockcroghery Co. Roscommon.

Set for release also in September 2024, Bianca’s highly anticipated album “Time Machine” being awarded by Roscommon Arts Council reflects her dedication to crafting original compositions and features collaborations with musicians from Ireland and abroad, recorded at Birdland Music Studio.

Flávio Santos

Flávio Santos has been a professional drummer and percussionist for 27 years, known for his versatility.

He began his studies at the Centro Musical de Arte Livre (CEMARLI) in São Gonçalo, studied theory and musical perception at Unirio (TEPEM), and trained in snare drum under Professor André “Buchecha” at CEIM, affiliated with UFF in Niterói.

Flávio’s expertise spans from Samba to Jazz, Rock to Bossa Nova, making him highly sought after by artists and producers of various styles. He toured Europe with singer Sabrina Malheiros for her album “Equilibria,” alongside Fernando Moraes on piano and Alex Malheiros from Azimuth on bass. He recorded albums such as “The Wave Alex Malheiros and Banda Utopia,” “The Monsters,” arranged by Arthur Verocai, and Sabrina Malheiros’ “Dreaming,” all under the English label Four Out.

Flávio has performed with renowned musicians like Nivaldo Ornellas, Arthur Maia, Armando Marçal, Sergio Chiavazolli, Jessé Sadoc, Zé Canuto, Jorjão Barreto, Fábio Lessa, Marcelo Martins, Márvio Ciribelli, Marcos Nimrichter, Yura Ranevisk, Márcio Mallard, Mazinho Ventura, Renato Franco, Silvério Pontes, André Vasconcellos, and Nilze Carvalho.

He recorded the CD “No Meu Filme” and the DVD “Feriado ao Vivo” with Celso Fonseca, featuring Gilberto Gil, Roberta Sá, and Ana Carolina. Flávio joined the orchestra for Marcos Valle and Celso Fonseca on the “Página Central” album launch. He recorded the Grammy-winning CD “Mart’nalia canta Vinícius de Moraes,” produced by Celso Fonseca and Arthur Maia. He also participated in the 30th anniversary DVD of Sandra de Sá’s career with João Donato, Elba Ramalho, and Alcione, and recorded Celso Fonseca’s CD “Like Nice,” nominated for four Latin Grammys in 2016.

Flávio has been part of bands for Nico Rezende, Fátima Regina, Macau, Shirley Carvalhais (gospel), Mart’nália, Rosa Maria Collin, Maria Creuza, and substituted for Ivan Conte “o Mamão” of Azimuth in London. He is currently in the trio Mafuá Instrumental with Fábio Lessa and Sérgio Chiavazolli, and holds a degree in Music Education from UFRJ.

Flavio will be recording with Bianca Fachel in her debut Album “Time Machine” in 2024.


Djâmen, a Latin Grammy Award co-winner, is an arranger, composer and multi- instrumentalist.

Citing Milton Nascimento , Black Rio amongst his earliest Brazilian influences, his music is also inspired by international black music artists such as Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis and Esperanza Spalding. Having grown up in an artistic and musical family, he was blessed to learn from pioneers of samba rock and black southern Brazilian music (afro-gaúcha) like Bedeu, Luis Vagner, Marco Farias and Giba Giba – rhythms later brought to the world stage by Sérgio Mendes. In 2018 as a co-producer and arranger he won the Latin Grammy awards as the best album in Portuguese language.

Djâmen blends it all into a unique form of contemporary avant-garde Brazilian music that is extensively informed by, but also deeply conscious of its role in, the Brazilian Afrofuturism Movement. He brings strong messages on themes such as racism, black empowerment, gender equality, self-development and immigration, all of which are entrenched in his journey.

Moved by his belief in the decolonisation of sound and ideas, Djâmen challenges single- gender approaches to music and mixes together elements of jazz, neo soul and traditional Brazilian music. He uses his art as a way to deconstruct pre-established rules that create separation, in favour of bringing people together and honouring all forms of expression. Djâmen’s music is finely tuned and rich in personal experience, vast musical knowledge and social consciousness. Both penetrating and elevating, it is a delicate but fierce step towards his envisioned future. 

Djâmen also will be producing and recording with Bianca Fachel in her debut Album “Time Machine” in 2024.

Zeh Netto

Guitarist, composer, producer, arranger and speaker.

Owner of PLANETA ZEN, having worked for several major advertising agencies and clients throughout Brazil and abroad, as well as producing music for TV, film and theatre. Also producing and making arrangements for singers and instrumentalists.

Producing and creating audiovisual music for almost 3 decades. Performed at Jazz festivals of Montreux (Switzerland) and Zelt Musik Festival (Germany), as an acoustic guitar player performing his own pieces.

Graduated in Arrangement by UNIRIO. Berklee’s diploma “Composing for film and TV”

Latest work for cinema the feature film animation WITCHCRAFT. A co-production Brazil/ Spain. Awarded at Rio Cine

Speaker and professor of Production and Music Technology in on and off line courses.

One of the organisers of the International Musimagem Brazil Festival, the only soundtrack festival in the Americas, and the only one made by composers. 


Binho Manenti

Binho Manenti is a Brazilian musician, producer, publicist and multi-instrumentalist composer. 

Besides producing artists and bands, Binho has been producing soundtracks and sound design for radio, commercials and TV shows and also making online record sessions worldwide. He started in music when he was only 13 years old, taking classical piano lessons and then he started to play other instruments, such as the bass and drums. He also worked as a musician and record producer during his time in Ireland, playing with a variety musicians from all parts of the world and in 2019 he had played and co-produced some soul/jazz, R&B, blues and gospel bands while living in the United States, including the groups Honey Monsoon, The DayNites, and others.

His latest productions and works include the soundtrack and sound design for the TV show “Crisálida”, available on Netflix Brazil and Netflix Portugal, his composition “Um Dia Pra Esquecer” released as a single by the artist Kariel, the album Brazil’ejru by the Italian artist and singer Rohmanelli and more.

His influences are very wide, from classical music to 70s artists to reggae, rock and world music.

Maikon Varela

Maikon Varela is a musician, actor, teacher and activist.

Influenced by various styles, the artist develops across different genres and has made seven albums throughout his career. Maikon also lends his talent to projects by other artists and in this new solo phase he presents original work in partnership with poets and musicians from other states in Brazil and internationally.