Music in the Forest Hybrid Festival Replay

“It was an amazing experience  to be able to stream Music in the Forest Hybrid Festival directly from my music studio Birdland   and at the same time have a tiny crowd at the forest! It is incredible how us, artists and audience can adapt to a crisis creating a low environment impact event! The support of the audience was fantastic!”

Bianca Fachel

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The audience Experience

I had a lovely time. Everyone was so friendly and warm. The music was lovely and the addition of the bonfire was really cozy. The hybrid aspect of the festival was really interesting and engaging, listening to the artists from around the world was really cool and all very talented people. The live music was beautiful. The BBQ afterwards was so delicious I'm getting hungry just thinking about it πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ I would definitely go again to the Music in the Forest Hybrid Festival β™₯️
Georgina Egan
Art Student
It all starts with an idea and this idea came from the mind, or rather, from the heart of Bianca Fachel. She had the courage to put the idea into practice and the result was a success! Beautiful music, beautiful people and a great vibe! It couldn't be otherwise. Everything in communion with nature...that should be the condition for any human activity. Art, as always, comes first. I am very happy to have had the privilege of participating in this first edition of the Festival in 2022. The first of many, as far as I'm concerned. Long live to the Music in the Forest Hybrid Festival! πŸ––
zeh netto
I had a great time at the festival. The setting was beautiful, located on a vast farm in the woods surrounded by fairy lights. There was a lovely stage built underneath a canopy with a fire pit to keep us warm. The festival had a variety of musical talent both live and online, from the electric guitar to smooth jazz and soul music. There was music for every type of genre and the line up ran so smoothly. We had a lovely bbq afterwards and even got to meet the gorgeous tabby house cat 😊.I would recommend anyone to go to the Music in the Forest Hybrid Festival as you are guaranteed to have a great time and even better it is all for a great cause. Thanks again 🌞 ❀️
"We were treated to marvellous music. The lack of big screen meant that people listened, danced, enjoyed. And the viewers had the bonus of seeing the Live element, stage, audience, forest, camp fire.. The tech side of things was less imposing, in a forest setting!! It was easier to appreciate the joy of the sharing. (in contrast to how I felt about screens in my recent, concrete and linear workplace!). I did appreciate the Festival content, which reminded us of post-festival mess: bad for the environment, and a big nuisance of a clean up job for someone (whose time could be spent more wisely). After Covid, and the lack of Live entertainment, breakdown of socialising, sickness etc it was great to have an event that made things happen: musicians reuniting on stage, people meeting old and new friends again, all that good stuff: so valuable.
Aine O'regan
Musician/Fiddle player