Photo: Madalena Moreira Sá

Djâmen, a Latin Grammy Award co-winner, is an arranger, composer and multi- instrumentalist and professor.

  • Citing Milton Nascimento , Black Rio amongst his earliest Brazilian influences, his music is also inspired by international black music artists such as Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis and Esperanza Spalding. Having grown up in an artistic and musical family, he was blessed to have learned from the pioneers of samba rock and black southern Brazilian music (afro-gaúcha) like Bedeu, Luis Vagner, Marco Farias and Giba Giba – rhythms later brought to the world stage by Sérgio Mendes. In 2018 as a co-producer and arranger he won the Latin Grammy awards as the best album in Portuguese language.

Djâmen blends it all into a unique form of contemporary avant-garde Brazilian music that is extensively informed by, but also deeply conscious of its role in the Brazilian Afrofuturism Movement. He brings strong messages on themes such as racism, black empowerment, gender equality, self-development and immigration, all of which are entrenched in his journey.

Moved by his belief in the decolonisation of sound and ideas, Djâmen challenges single- gender approaches to music and mixes together elements of jazz, neo soul and traditional Brazilian music. He uses his art as a way to deconstruct pre-established rules that create separation, in favour of bringing people together and honouring all forms of expression. Djâmen’s music is finely tuned and rich in personal experience, vast musical knowledge and social consciousness. Both penetrating and elevating, it is a delicate but fierce step towards his envisioned future. 

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