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A place to grow

The Studio

We are transitioning to a more educational music studio, migrating to a different approach to music production and recording focusing in helping beginners songwriters into a more independent way to record and develop their work.
Located in the heart of Ireland, Birdland Music Studio was built with recycled materials, reused pallets, doors and windows and second hand furniture.
Birdland Studio was designed to physically accommodate a small number of musicians, mostly with acoustic instruments.





 Online Camp




What are hybrid events? 
Hybrid events are a mix of virtual and in person events. The audience can participate and engage with the event, no matter where they are.






 The quiet and peaceful environment where the Studio its located  is some of the natural features of Birdland Music Studio, which are fundamental for inspiration and mentality.


Artists need to nurture their mind and body.  Peaceful environment , body care,  meditation practices for the creative mind and well-being are part of our program.



If you’d like a private consultancy and talk about business in music,  digital marketing for artists, you can schedule an online meeting for 30 minutes for free.